Saturday, 22 March 2008

Hi, this is Gwynn, from the Vulcan Cylinder Records team. Welcome to our new blog site.

If you are into phonographs and cylinder recordings, please feel free to add a comment and be in touch.

Vulcan Cylinder Records manufactures high quality standard cylinders for 2 or 4-minute players, as well as 5" concert cylinders.We have a current list of titles available (see our website at, and we can make special recordings of your own material, on request.

Our cylinders are made of a modern plastic developed by Duncan Miller (the founder of Vulcan Cylinder Records) especially for the purpose. This material is very durable and produces a beautiful clarity of sound.

Many of the titles released in the late 1800s and early 1900s are available for us to record direct from original cylinders, while other favourite titles are recorded live.

We release a small number of new titles at the start of each quarter, so keep an eye on the website and be in touch to be on my mailing list.

We look forward to meeting you on the airwaves.

Gwynn and Duncan

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Brian said...

Gwynn and Duncan,
So pleased to have found you. I have an Edison Gem with about 6 wax cylinders which I dare play only rarely.I've had your no. 302 for several years, but only recently decided to try the web. You will gather that I am a Dixieland fanatic and used to have my own band. Many years ago a cornet player said that Buddy Bolden, acknowledged as the founder of jass in New Orleans in the 1890's an that one original rcording existed.Can you offer any help in tracking it down, or putting me out of my misery and confirming it doesn't exist?